The way we operate programs and events on behalf of our clients, in Palm Springs, separates us from all other providers in the field. We research, develop, execute and deliver legacy value for our clients. This is a critical distinction for us and not just a question of semantics. We have a vested interest in Palm Springs. This is our home. Our team is local. We are a part of the community.

We’re driven to deliver what our client wants and what’s best for our city. Delivering positive memories that outlast the purely operational and logistical aspects of the project is what defines success for the client and for the regional economy.

This is enhanced by an almost "spiritual" overlay that truly enhances the value of our services in our home town – Palm Springs. Our focus is on the City of Palm Springs, our loyalty is to our people, our partners and our clients. We’re not trying to deliver cookie cutter service to dozens of other markets. Our core values and principles are focused on you.

Our event development process, is divided into two phases, the creative process and the functional activation process. The first step in all of this is understanding the scope of services and listening to our client's goals and objectives. The challenge is in the details, and we begin and end with a focus on the various tactical variables. These include, but are not limited to, creative direction and development, participant interaction, site inspections and venue assessment, and marketing activation assistance.

We achieve flawless execution with detailed planning and a focus on risk avoidance rather than risk management. We train our team to follow this philosophy and we constantly evaluate and activate better ways to deliver safe and sustainable services. Planning and execution is an important aspect of what we do, but remaining level-headed and flexible is a true asset.

On the ground communication is another asset for deHarte Group. We’re in the community, we work with stakeholders every day and we’re responsive to community feedback. Having coffee with local merchants, interacting with event participants and our weekly operational meetings with staff allows us the opportunity to feel the pulse of the community, address current projects and keep the channels of communication open.


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