The way we operate programs and events on behalf of our clients separates us from all other providers in the field. We research, develop, execute and deliver legacy value for our clients. This is a critical distinction for us and not just a question of semantics. We have a vested interest in Palm Springs. This is our home. Our team is local. We are a part of the community.



Fund development specialists

with a focus on sponsorships,  donations, fundraising and program income

What We Do

Whether your needs involve special project work or a multi-year commitment, every project benefits from our professionalism and seasoned nonprofit management, event-marketing and large-scale event production experience.  We have provided strategic planning, operations, and  financial management to leading nonprofit agencies, as well as respected public and private corporations. 

Ron deHarte founded deHarte Group in 2003. He's an event producer and marketing consultant with 30 years of experience. 

Large-Scale Event Production 

providing vision, leadership and management solutions to events large and small

Non-profit Organization Management

delivering fund development, strategic planning, operations, financial management, innovation, and execution

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